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art in a shape of a silk scarf

In 2022, the VALDONE Au family created a capsule collection of organic silk scarves that reflect the wondrous beauty of ever-changing nature. Explore the range of lustrous prints designed using the creative director’s oil paintings. 

The one-of-a-kind collection of accessories represents you without you having to speak.

With a respectful attitude towards the environment and natural resources,  all scarves are handmade in the United Kingdom from GOTS-certified silk fabrics. 

Story of 'Paradise'

Sun rays peaking through the trees in the glorious awakening of the forest. Birds playfully chase each other in the thick misty sky filled with warm sunshine. Flora and fauna are tied together in the endless circle of life. The atmosphere nurtures anyone who takes a quiet walk within its beauty. It is a tribute to our natural world.

The ‘Paradise’ print embellishes the silk scarf and features vibrant yellow tones together with dark and light green colours. There are many different shades of brown, white, red, orange and pink highlights. The unique playfulness of brush strokes, surrealism of composition and proportions represent the wonder of wilderness. In this ode to our mother nature, home of many beautiful creatures, one can genuinely find a retreat for a hungry soul.

The story of 'Odyssey'

Imagine sailing through the ocean filled with blossoming flowers while the gentle wind helps you reach your dream destination. Imagine the feeling of the unknown, but at the same time being so excited to discover something new.

In the original oil painting, the creative director speaks of the sensitive subject of separation. The piece represents a time when an individual leaves the comfort of the family home in pursuit of their personal goals. The four sailing ships depict the important individuals, who are loved and longed for the most. Even though the separation is tough, there is always the invisible link joining the four ships together – they are all sailing through the water, each on their own unique path. The vivid colours of blooms in the ocean inspire and give hope for a bright tomorrow.

VALDONE Au high fashion editorial of luxury silk scarves. Featuring a signature print ‘Odyssey’ worn over the shoulder. Made in the UK
VALDONE Au edtorial of a large square silk scarf and tie scarf. Dancing cranes print.
The story of 'Dancing Cranes'

Clouds, trees, flowers and flowing water shimmer in the ever-reaching glory of gold. The atmosphere is submerged in the warmth of pure light. 

Tall and elegant creatures with wings spread wide and necks stretched high are led by the invisible symphony, synchronising them into the grand performance. When the rest of the world stops and observes in awe, two red-crowned cranes dance in the magic of the golden hour.

Have you ever seen their dance?


Made especially for you

Every single scarf is crafted especially for you after the order is placed

gifting Experience

Your scarf will be delivered in an iconic VALDONE ºAu packaging together with personalised note

Luxury SUSTAINABLE Fashion

We use the finest natural organic materials to ensure the premium quality and timelessness of our product and minimise the environmental impact 


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