Valdone Au

VALDONE Au - Sustainable luxury fashion. Editorial of the Alia coat with model surrounded by the lavender flowers


Everything we do, we do with the future in mind. Drawing inspiration from the couture tailoring practises of the past, we put special care into designing and making every single garment. 

We aspire to build a brand based on integrity, social and ecological responsibility, transparency and innovation.

Sustainable = Luxury

We believe in making a positive change in today’s extremely wasteful fashion industry, causing no harm to people and protecting the planet we live on. We work hard to become a part of better, more ethical and eco friendly fashion. 

We believe that sustainable is today’s luxury.

We commit to working hard behind the scenes, never stop learning and adapting new practises in order to deliver products we are proud of. 

‘Creating timeless, beautiful garments that people would appreciate and want to keep and look after for a long time is my main goal. Working with sustainability in mind goes hand in hand with everything we do. ’

– V. Auksoriute


We are improving our ways to allow you access to the story behind each product. We believe in the importance of transparency. From crop or animal farming to manufacturing, ensuring social and ecological welfare.

Partnering with an award-winning Scottish startup Track Genesis we are working hard behind the scenes to constantly improve our product traceability. This way we want to guarantee that the products you purchase from VALDONE Au are made with materials from trustworthy, certified suppliers, ensuring no harm was caused to the planet, people nor animals.

Focussing on organic and natural fair-trade materials and ethical, local manufacturing, we are on a mission to create a business that we could be proud of.

VALDONE Au - Sustainability in fashion. Bumble bee in lavender fields.
VALDONE Au - inside the atelier. The making of the couture white British wool coat Hera.


  ‘We learn form the best practises of the past, adopt them and implement them into our business’ 

– V. Auksoriute

We ensure the excellence of design and craftsmanship while using local talented tailors to produce our luxury pieces and high-quality natural, sustainable and innovative materials. At the moment, every single garment is crafted in-house in our atelier in Aberdeen, Scotland, implementing traditional couture tailoring techniques.


Tackling one of the biggest problems in the fashion industry – a short product lifecycle, we combine our original design with high quality natural certified materials. Producing each garment according to individual measurements allows us to guarantee the perfect look and fit.