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Editorial featuring front of the art and nature inspired Hera coat. Luxury designer clothing made in the UK.


Signature Coats

The Elisium collection was initially inspired by the designer’s original oil painting The Paradise, which was painted in Lithuania, 2015.

Inspired by the Greek Mythology and childhood memories of meadows and forests surrounding her hometown, the designer explores the theme of imaginary utopia.

These dreamlike childhood reflections are expressed in the painting using warm shades of yellows and greens. Expressive paintbrush strokes create a vibrant atmosphere, filled with life and positive emotion.

Valdone compares her idyllic memories to the mythical Elysium Fields, which, in Homer’s Odyssey were described as a land of eternal happiness at the end of the Earth.

Having a strong bond with nature from an early age, the designer draws on childhood memories, inspiring motifs of flora, fauna and beams of sunlight to create her own utopian universe.

The Elysium Fields are a strong reference point portrayed in the painting The Paradise. The theme continues throughout the mini collection of signature coats. Finally, the artwork has been modified and digitally printed on soft velvet fabric, before being used to embellish the line of selected garments.

This dreamlike narrative is expressed through every single element of the design: gentle pearl beads set in-between lapels signify the purity and beauty and the white woollen fabric is used as a representation of immortality and simplicity.

Handmade from carefully sourced, highest quality materials, including British wool, silk and digitally printed velvet, the garments are finalised with recycled casein and buffalo horn buttons and pearl beads.

‘Wisdom begins in wonder’

– Socrates

THe colection

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