Valdone Au

VALDONE Au - inside the atelier. The making of the couture coat Hera.

Architectural details, the colour scheme on a flower petal, expressive paintbrush strokes of an oil painting, fairytales and dreams, different cultures and myths – these are just a few things that provide endless inspiration embodied in VALDONE Au designs. The brand does not limit itself to a particular theme and allows the freedom of artistic expression. 

Debut collections ELISIUM and DELICIAE FLORAE reflect strong organic silhouettes tied together with architectural shapes, also themes of ancient Greek mythology.  The brand uses symbolic details of flowers and prints inspired by the designer’s original paintings.

Almost anything can spark creativity and inspire the theme, colour palette, silhouettes, textures, mood of a garment or a collection.

Creativity within the brand is not restricted by any rules. Everyone within the label is encouraged to experiment, share their stories and ideas. Thus, while linking skills and knowledge with different forms of art, the team is able to accomplish unique design aesthetic.

Furthermore, individual couture garments are perfected in-house, while hand-sketching and modifying the designs digitally. With sustainability in mind the garments are designed to be timelessly elegant considering the construction, fabric and all the components within. The best ideas then are being selected and lined-up for the full collection’s visualisation.

VALDONE Au is known for in-house designed prints. All the printed fabrics are created exclusively for the brand, using the creative designers’ unique artwork.

‘It is  difficult to identify the main source of inspiration behind collections. I think it is a merge of many different things: people, art, scenery, stories… Everything and anything can awaken the imagination.’

– V. Auksoriute


VALDONE Au - British wool fabrics - cream, blush pink and beige used in the Deliciae Florae colleciton

The Quality Fabric

The brand’s commitment to work in a sustainable and ethical manner applies to every single aspect of the Atelier – from design, through sourcing materials and hardware for the garments to manufacturing.

The garments are crafted from high-quality natural fabrics such as British wool, organic silk, bamboo silk, lyocell, lotus fabrics and many more.

VALDONE Au team puts a lot of effort while researching and sourcing its high-quality natural and eco-friendly fabrics.

‘Use of natural, biodegradable fabrics is one of the key elements in our business. It is essential to find the right materials for our designs. It is extremely exciting to discover new sustainable fabrics, however, we also admire the locally made traditional textiles, which mark the rich history and culture.’ 

– V. Auksoriute

Making of the Prototype

Once the collection idea is interpreted into sketches and a range of key fabrics selected, the samples also known as toiles are being made. At this stage the fashion sketches are being interpreted into the pattern pieces, which then construct the designed garments. Followed by several fittings to ensure the perfect result. These fittings require great technical knowledge and precision in order to fulfil the creative vision. 

VALDONE Au - the process of making the couture jacket. Made-to-measure in the United Kingdom
VALDONE Au - inside the atelier. The making of the couture white British wool coat Hera.

Crafting the final garment

When the the toiles are finalised and approved the making of the final outcome begins.

At this stage the final fabrics, embellishments and other elements are being allocated to the toile for the fittings. 

Only then the final fabric is cut and pinned for assembly. Now, depending on the garment, different interlining requirements are being completed. For example, tailored coats and jackets are being hand-stitched with different types of natural canvasses to shape the collar and lapels. This is essential and very precise technique, perfect to create the necessary sctucture and hold to the finished garment. 

Made in the United Kingdom

Each and every garment is proudly made in  the United Kingdom by skilled craftsmen. The fashion house adopts traditional tailoring techniques used for centuries by the Haute Couture fashion houses. Tying tradition with innovation and local talent VALDONE Au challenges fashion industry and promotes slow approach to fashion.