Valdone Au

about us

VALDONE Au Limited was established in July 2019 by likeminded creative entrepreneurs Valdone Auksoriute and Kajetan Swiecki.

Operating as a made-to-measure online atelier, the womenswear designer brand aims to promote timelessness and slow fashion.

While celebrating local craftsmanship, ethical production and sustainability, the fashion label aims to make a positive change in the industry and people’s lives. Encouraging to choose quality over quantity, the brand serves the customer with high-end products.


The Story behind

The co-founder and Creative Director, Valdone Auksoriute graduated in Fashion Design from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, in 2019. Valdone developed her own design aesthetic based on a minimalistic and timeless look. While collaborating with a communication designer and fashion photographer Kajetan Swiecki, together they came up with an idea for a sustainable fashion brand.  The business plan got shortlisted for the RGU Start Up Accelerator Programme, where the initial proposition came to fruition.

 ‘As a responsible fashion brand, we serve the client with high-end luxurious products, which are made individually in the Scotland with exceptional attention to detail.’

– V. Auksoriute

VALDONE Au Co-founders Valdone Auksoriute and Kajetan Swiecki

Co-Founders: Valdone Auksoriute and Kajetan Swiecki

 ‘We are bringing traditional couture back to the 21st Century. It is a great approach to fashion as we manufacture the garments after the order is placed making sure we produce only what is necessary ensuring the highest quality and impeccable fit.’

– V. Auksoriute

Timelessness at the core

VALDONE Au uses highest quality natural materials and traditional couture fashion techniques within its practise. Ensuring each and every garment is crafted with precision and care.

The sustainable made-to-measure brand ensures the perfect fit, tailoring its garments to individual measurements, subsequently avoiding overproduction and dead stock.  

VALDONE Au promotes minimal lifestyle and mindful consumption while encouraging the client to choose things that last. 

VALDONE Au fashion workshop tools: ivory silk thread, measuring tape and embroidery scissors


The careful research we put into sourcing our natural materials and crafting each garment in-house is what makes VALDONE Au garments so special.

There is much more to the story. We strongly believe that the fashion industry needs a positive change. At the core we focus on making sure we add value to people’s lives while minimising our environmental footprint. While collaborating with fair-trade and ethical suppliers we seek to maintain a business model based on transparency and trust. 

We commit to push boundaries and implement innovative ways to make our fashion sustainable.